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מסורת לוגו

Soft handmade Shemura Matzah

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פסח כשר ושמח

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What is Soft Matzah?

Every year we reach the famous words in the "Korech" section of the Haggadah:

"In memory of the Temple according to Hillel. This is what Hillel would do when the Temple existed: He would wrap the Matzah and Marror and eat them together, in order to fulfill what is stated, (Shemot 12:15): "You should eat it upon Matzot and Marrorim."

How do you wrap a thin, crunchy cracker? You can't!

So how did Hillel do it? He ate soft Matzah, which is the original form of unleavened bread that our forefathers and mothers ate. 

Soft Matza is the same Shmura Matza that you buy at your local Matza Bakery or Kosher supermarket. The only difference is that it is rolled out to be a little thicker and when baked ends up soft instead of crunchy. 

Soft Matza is made in less than 18 minutes from the second the water hits the first batch of flour, until the last Matza is placed into the oven to bake. The time that it takes for an actual Matza to be made from start to finish varies, but usually is less than 5 minutes.

Since Soft Matza is a little thicker than standard “crunchy” Matzot, there are differing views. In general, people of Sephardic lineage have a minhag (tradition) to eat Soft Matzot on Passover. According to "Maran" (R’ Yosef Karo - Shulhan Aruch) a Matza may be baked up to ‘1 Tefah’ (approximately 3-4 inches) thick.
People from Ashkenazic lineage have a minhag (tradition) to eat Matza that is as thin as possible, and therefore should consult their Rabbi to determine if they are allowed to eat a soft Matza.


How many Matzot are in a pound?

It is hard to generalize, but usually a Pound of Matzot will contain 3-5  Matzot. Each one may differ in weight and size, but there will always be 16oz. in a Lb. – meaning, a Pound will always contain 16 Kezetot when calculated by weight.


Where can I pick up my order?

Orders can be picked up at Rabbi Biton's house. Address and further information will be provided after checkout.
Additional pickup options from the participating communities across the US, to select a community for pickup please click on the name of the community at the top of the page and order from the customized form.
To organize another shipment please contact Rabbi Biton 8607131787

זֵכֶר לְמִקְדָּשׁ כְּהִלֵּל. כֵּן עָשָׂה הִלֵּל בִּזְמַן שבֵּית הַמִּקְדָּשׁ הָיָה קַיָים: הָיָה כּוֹרֵךְ מַצָּה וּמָרוֹר וְאוֹכֵל בְּיַחַד, לְקַיֵים מַה שֶׁנֶּאֱמַר: עַל מַצּוֹת וּמְרֹרִים יֹאכְלֻהוּ.
מסורת לוגו
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